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Moto G5 Plus review: Pure Android, good camera make it best phone under Rs 20,000

Moto phones hold a special place in the hearts of Indian consumers. Since Motorola, now a Lenovo-owned brand, re-entered the country in 2014, India phone users have almost always loved the Moto phones, and for the right reasons. These are dependable phones. They are almost always more than the sum of their parts. But even among all Moto phones, the one series that has turned out to be really special is the Moto G series. Lenovo, as it launched the Moto G5 Plus in India on Wednesday, said that so far the company has sold 6 million Moto G phones in India.

Although the success of the Moto G is stupendous in India, it is clearly not enough. So for the first time in years, Lenovo is giving it a makeover with the Moto G5 Plus. This is company’s most-premium Moto G phone yet. It is also the most ambitious. It comes with a metal body. It also has a few special components like that much-talked about camera. Here at India Today Tech we even said that the Moto G5 Plus camera could be as good as that of the Galaxy S7, considering the hardware specifications for both these cameras are similar.

Overall, Lenovo is pitching the Moto G5 Plus as a phone without compromises. After spending over a week with the device, I tend to agree with Lenovo, although not unequivocally. There are no perfect phones. The Moto G5 Plus, mostly good and occasionally great, too falls short of being perfect. But for its price, this is a mighty good phone.

Plastic out, Aluminium in

The new Moto G5 Plus is the most radical makeover to the Moto G series since the first Moto G phone was launched a few years ago. The Moto G4 Plus too was different from the earlier Motos. But this time around the design changes are not subtle. They are complete. Though in your face, they are also for good, mostly. The Moto G5 Plus has an aluminium body. This is not a phone with uni-body design, similar to HTC 10 or iPhone 7 but then no mainstream phone is. But the way Moto G5 Plus has been put together, with finesse, it looks like a phone with the unibody shell. The only plastic parts are small inserts on the top and bottom of the back cover. These are needed to ensure good signal performance and all budget phones use them, although in case of the Moto G5 Plus, these are really small and blend very well with the metal body.

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