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Apple really wants you to replace your laptop with an iPad

For those still mourning the loss of the MacBook Air, Apple’s recent advertising push, which tries to convince the world that the iPad Pro is a full replacement for a computer, has likely not been well-received. Over 2015 and 2016, Apple refreshed its laptop line, introducing a 12-inch MacBook, and upgrade MacBook Pros, seemingly leaving the Air, which has not even seen a hard-ware refresh in two years, for dead.

It’s not clear whether the Air will be revived, but Apple is currently pushing users to either shell out at least $1,300 for a new MacBook, or $600 for the base-model iPad Pro (which really jumps to $850 when you add in its keyboard cover and stylus) for its latest hardware. Although the iPad and MacBook lines are still kept separate on the company’s website, it refers to the iPad Pro as “Super Computer” in advertising on its homepage. There has been no similar push for its new Mac laptops.

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