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REVEALED – How to take a Virg!nity Test at Home (+VIDEO)


In many religion including Christianity and Islam, the concept of virginity is vital. And the husband is supposed to be the first man to disv!rgin “pop a cherry” with the woman he marries. How does one knows a girl’s virg!nity status? Is there a virginity test to use?

What is virginity test for women in Africa?

In females, Virg!nity is tightly connected with a hymen. It is a piece of flesh that partially covers up the entrance into Vag.ina. If the hymen is in place it may (or may not) mean a woman is a Vir.gin. Technically, she is a Virg!n if she has an unbroken hymen.

So, Virgi.nity test is mostly about checking if the hymen is there. In most cases, the proper test could be done only in the doctor’s office, when a woman gets examined by a gynecologist.

There is a method called the two finger test, usually done by elderly women. They carefully examine the Vag.ina and even place their two-fingers into the Vag.ina to test properly the muscles of a hymen. A virgin, who have never had a male organ inside of her would have a tighter Vag.ina than a lady who already had s3x.

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