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Why God has stopped blessing Nigeria – Cleric

A Lagos-based cleric, Reverend James Akinadewo of Motailatu Church of God has said that impunity against the laws of God and bad leadership were the reasons God stopped blessing Nigeria despite endowing the country with abundant mineral, material and human resources.

He said this in a statement made available to the media on Sunday.

Akinadewo, who expressed disappointment in the state of affairs of the country, said that countries that are less endowed are now enjoying.

While lamenting the high prices of essential items, the cleric called on leaders and followers to rise up to their duty to ensure that the country was redirected towards a steady path of development.

He said;

“Corruption has permeated every fabric of Nigeria and if we don’t resist, posterity will judge us as appropriate. With the mineral, material and human resources endowed Nigeria by God and the resultant biting hardship faced daily by the populace, Nigeria is a huge disappointment. We have disappointed God as a nation. Countries less endowed are enjoying but we are suffering in the midst of plenty owing to bad leadership. Impunity reigns supreme in the land and God will never bless a nation where His laws are broken with impunity. Bad leadership is our bane; docile follower-ship is an anathema.”

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